Final Post :'(

Does anyone here think the world is getting too populated? Running out of breathing room in our cities? We need to expand and reach out to the galaxy we live in. Scientist have found a few planets and moons that might have the possibility to harbor humans and have a correct atmosphere for us to […]

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Titan Documentary

I watched a documentary on the exploration of Titan called A Place Like Home, The team on the documentary were the people who built Cassini and Huygens which are the space crafts that went on the mission to Titan in 1997 to 2004 when Huygens was launched from Cassini and then January 15 2005 when Huygens landed […]

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Artwork of Titan

This painting is of the landing of the Huygens probe, which descended onto Titan on January 14, 2005. This was a huge and groundbreaking event because it was the first time through the haze which hides most of Titan’s surface.

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Europa Poem Analysis

I read this poem: Europa, it is about the moon Europa which is orbiting around Jupiter. The author refers to the moon as a beautiful women, telling us all about her beauty in great detail. He says that her color is that of “coconuts cross hatched shade on bungalows, their white walls raging with insomnia.” […]

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