Saturn: Capstone Proposal

Capstone Proposal: Is there a possible life for humanity on Titan or Enceladus?

I am researching two different moons in the Saturnian space. The first of the two moons is Titan, which is a giant moon that has a methane and nitrogen atmosphere. The second moon is Enceladus which is a much smaller moon “Enceladus is about 1/10 the size of Titan or about the size of England”(Porco), but may be even more important because it has a very thick layer of ice on its entire surface, but underneath is suspected to be liquid water!

I am choosing this topic because I am very interested in space and learning more and more about it. My goal with this project is to at least spark a little interest in spatial exploration and the future of humanity.  In the coming years we are going to just gain more and more population; with that more pollution and poverty. We as a race need to begin to think of moving out into the galaxy. Yes, the Dutch government is sending a few people to Mars to try and start a colony, but Mars in clearly not going to work as a good home for many reasons. Most importantly it has very little liquid water. If we were to send a rover with a drill to Enceladus and have it drill into the ice, then  we can see if our predictions were right about there being liquid water. “Enceladus proved to be active…Multiple jets of water vapor and ice particles are spewing from surface cracks” (Lorenz 10). This just gives us more evidence that there is liquid water underneath the surface ice sheet. Or if we sent a rover to Titan (we have sent probes), we could potentially discover many new things there. Titan has liquid methane but thats not water, but we can invent a mechanism to deal with that. “In the Titan regime, methane is able to evaporate, condense into clouds, and fall as droplets of rain.” (Lorenz 17). This is huge! rain is liquid so there is proof that liquids can and do exist in frigid worlds far away and that we must take advantage of this discovery. We must send a manned expedition to both of these moons, then we will know for sure if we can live there or not in the coming future.

Porco, Carolyn. “Could a Saturn Moon Harbor Life?” N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Apr. 2015.

Lorenz, Ralph, and Jacqueline Mitton. Titan Unveiled: Saturn’s Mysterious Moon Explored. Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP, 2008. Print.


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