Titan: Unveiled the book about all the discoveries on Titan

I read this book: Titan Unveiled, it explained to me all that the scientist have found on and about the moon. The book starts off with information on the moons dimensions and its atmosphere. Ralph Lorenz, one of the authors says is one of the scientists that worked with the Cassini spacecraft and the Hyugen’s probe. He studied what happened after the probe landed and recorded the data it transmitted while the batteries on the probe lasted. After they died he started to analyze the information he had found. In the book there are excerpts from his personal log while he was working. He gives us all the information known to man about Titan until 2008, when it was published. I am fairly certain that there isn’t much new information since then but of course we are still finding new and interesting things everyday. NASA has a huge contribution to this project, the reason being that they are responsible for the launching of the Cassini spacecraft. NASA also built most of the equipment as well as most of the spacecraft for its 7 year journey to Titan. Cassini is still out there exploring Saturn’s moons today in 2015 and will be for quite some time.

If you wish to read the book yourself you can purchase it on Amazon.com by clicking here



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