Europa Poem Analysis

I read this poem: Europa, it is about the moon Europa which is orbiting around Jupiter. The author refers to the moon as a beautiful women, telling us all about her beauty in great detail. He says that her color is that of “coconuts cross hatched shade on bungalows, their white walls raging with insomnia.” The stars illuminate the moon to look like sheets on a bed. There seems to be a naked girl dancing in the waters of Europa. “She teases with those flashes, yes, but once you yield to human horniness, you see through all that moonshine what they really were.” He says the others are like gods or sea bulls, which are protecting her. This is all just an illusion played on our eyes. There is nothing of these things on the moon, just foam on the very thin horizon.

Walcott, Derek. “Europa.” N.p., 1981. Web. 4 May 2015.


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