Robert Frost’s The Road not Taken

I read Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken: The poem takes place in a forest on a road, the road split at a junction into the woods. The identity of the man on the road is unknown to us but we know he is making a big and important decision on whether to go down the right road or the left road. He looks down one of the ways and sees it disappears into the undergrowth and he looks down the other path to the same result. He decides one over the other just because he must choose one over the other to continue or go insane deciding. He says that he will come back and travel the other way but he knows that he will never return because one path leads to another and he will eventually get far enough away that he wont even think about it anymore and wont be able to go back a take the other road. Just as we need to go to space, it is the road less traveled by and therefore the poem is roughly connected to space travel.


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