Titan Documentary

I watched a documentary on the exploration of Titan called A Place Like Home, The team on the documentary were the people who built Cassini and Huygens which are the space crafts that went on the mission to Titan in 1997 to 2004 when Huygens was launched from Cassini and then January 15 2005 when Huygens landed on Titan’s surface. The other people in the film were the driver, programmers, and technicians for Cassini and Huygens, they put all the tools and instruments on the two space crafts. They also programmed all the tests Huygens would conduct on Titan. There were a few problems on Cassini’s radio transmitter, it was not receiving Huygens signals or messages, they had to slow down the frequency of the two so that they would match and record and send the clear data and pictures to earth. When Huygens was descending onto Titan through the methane haze it was not sending anything back to Cassini. After quite a few minutes a single column was sent to earth and  celebrations commenced, but there was a problem. There were supposed to be two signals coming form Titan but the second channel was turned off. Once it was turned on the scientists started to receive the first pictures of the surface of Titan. The surface looked just like earth’s surface, rivers and lakes just like in Arizona.

BBC. “A Place Like Home.” DailyMotion. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 May 2015.


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